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More Details

Over 20 different product reviews come with each review site.
All your affiliate links are cloaked so your affiliate commissions can't be stolen.
You can easily create, edit, or delete any reviews or pages on your review website.
We have an actual person (not a computer program) upload your site for you and make sure it's working properly.

Simply signup using the web form near the top of this page and that will take you to step 2.
Get your website hosted. This is where you signup to receive a website and where you choose your website's name and address. Don't worry, we tell you exactly what to do step-by-step.
After you get your website's name chosen and you get it hosted, just fill out the form we give you so we will be notified and will have your website up and going in 48 hours or less!

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From: Steven Holdaway
Date: Tuesday 9:33 AM

I have finally gone all out and have created the ultimate review websites for anyone to use to make money online. These review sites are designed to allow you to bypass the difficulties of making money online as an affiliate direct linking to a merchant's website.

Forget not being able to promote the most popular ClickBank products because of advertising competition or being blocked by search engines because someone else is already advertising the same product as you, because these review sites allow you to get around these annoying obstacles. All the features for these review site's I'm giving away are listed above.

As I mentioned earlier, these review sites are designed to make you more money. Not me or anyone else - Just You! Which is why these review sites are one of the few products that I highly recommend you get. I've never highly recommended any product before, but because these review sites are so compelling, attractive, benefitial, and inexpensive, I am highly recommending them so you can take your online success to the next level.

Signup & Get Your Review Website Today Before this Offer Expires!
Frequently Asked Questions About the Review Sites

Why are you offering free review websites?
Times are changing online and eventhough it's not quite to the point yet, it will soon be a lot more challenging to make money online without a website of your own. There are many reasons for this which include increased advertising competition, dependance upon merchant websites, changing policies, etc. But all these reasons and difficulties don't affect people who have their own website. So eventhough it's not necessary to have a website of your own just yet, I'm offering it now so people can go ahead and get started making money with their own website rather than one day waking up and being completely lost because you need a website and you don't have one.

Why Review Sites?
Review websites allow you to sell multiple different products at one time. This means one person can potentially purchase one or more products from your website in one visit. Review websites also have a lot of pages and a lot of information, which makes search engines fall in love with them. Haven't you always noticed that when you search for a product on Google, half of the results on the first page are reviews?

Do I have to Pay for Anything?
The only thing you're required to pay for will be your website hosting account. Your website hosting is an account where your website is stored online so people can visit it. When we last checked, the hosting account costs $5.95 per month and is billed once per year. After you get your hosting account we give you the website to use for free and we don't try to sell you any upgradable packages.

What's the catch...this has to benefit you somehow?
There is no catch. I'm not taking advantage of you and I'm not planning any sneaky approaches to get money from you. This benefits me because when you see how good these review sites really are and how much money they make, I'm hoping that you will spread the word about myself/my products and how I helped you out. This way you would mostly benefit from it and I would benefit a little.

Why Should I Get the Review Site from You and Not Someone Else?
First off, I used to promote review sites in the past, and stopped promoting them because I became fed up with the poor quality and greed that came with those review sites. Unfortunately, some of my competitors still promote those other review sites and they consist of 3 product reviews (all their own product so you make them more money), a single page website, pages full of ads for their partners products, and usually 50% uptime. Plus, to top it all off, I've seen my competitiors sell these review sites for $150-$200! What makes matters worse, they use a basic script to upload everything to your hosting account and they don't even check to see if it's uploaded properly!

I Already Have a Hosting Account...Can I Put the Review Site on That One?
Sorry, since my team and I have spent countless hours designing and making these review sites as awesome as possible we're not going to start giving them out and risk seeing them put on free hosting accounts, covered in pop-up ads, or used in ways that could make our review sites look poor in quality. We want these review sites to have the best reputation possible because that will build a higher visitor trust and make more sales, and if we start handing them out the template will soon be available in forums, download sites, and other places that will hurt the review site's reputation.

Signup & Get Your Review Website Today Before this Offer Expires!
My Goal with These Review Sites

My goal is to help give you the best chances possible of making money and succeeding online. I have gone above and beyond what I can do to help increase your chances of success online. The rest of it is completely up to you. I would be more than happy to give you help with your reivew site.

Without re-mentioning all the features of these review sites, here's some of the main points:

  • Get your own review website where you choose the website address
  • We will upload the review site to your account for free and will make sure it's running without errors
  • We give you detailed instructions on how to signup for your hosting account
  • We give you guides and instructions on how to use your review site and how to manage it
  • Your review site is extremely easy to use, the most you have to do is edit one page that controls everything
  • We give you $100 in free advertising credits to use so you can start advertising your review site for free
  • We give you instructions and tutorials on how to advertise your review site online so you can get started making money ASAP
  • We are more than happy to answer any questions or to help you out with your review website.

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